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Alicia Meehan





Alicia is a Dance Artist living and working in Newcastle, as a choreographer, performer, movement director and facilitator. After completing her BA in Performance, she gained an MA in Creative Practise at Laban in 2013.


Alicia is interested in creating work that is both observational and autobiographical. Her work is driven by a fascination towards the complexities of human behaviour and the surreal everyday stories and experiences we all live and share.


Her mission is to create work that is rigorous, inquisitive, sincere, playful and personality-full. That invites the viewer to share the performers enquires about themselves and the intriguing world we all inhabit. 

Alicia’s work as a choreographer, spans across a multitude of genres, such as mass movement and intergenerational projects, youth company’s, music videos and theatre productions. Recently Alicia has been movement directing on shows And She, by Bonnie & The Bonnetts and Wank Buddies By Cameron Sharp and Jake Jarratt.  


Most recently Alicia has been awarded an Early Stage Commission through Dance City towards the R&D of her new work When Saturn Returns the work will be a colourful, personality-full and rigorous exploration into the physical & psychological impact that societal ideas and narratives have on women. 





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